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New initiative to tackle Russian ELV recycling issues

Russia / The Netherlands – The University of Nizhny Novgorod has signed an agreement with the Dutch car registration body RDW and other Dutch organisations with the aim of helping the Russian automotive industry to set up a recycling system and integrate it into the production chain. Nizhny Novgorod, 500 km east of Moscow, is Russia’s largest vehicle producing region.


The respective organisations recognise the lack of strategy and know-how in Russia concerning the reuse of materials from discarded vehicles. Better use of secondary resources is one of the requirements Russian-built cars must demonstrate before they can enter the EU road system.

Through the new collaborative effort, RDW is offering Russian carmakers help with the entire process from testing to acceptance. Other Dutch organisations including ARN, Nedschroef and Hermion aim to share their knowledge on recycling solutions, which has seen reuse of materials from end-of-life vehicles grow to 95% in the Netherlands, to help set Russia on the right track.

An exchange of information between the Dutch organisations and the university could also improve conditions on Russian roads. Loopholes in car and owner registrations have impaired the country’s ability to organise an effective recycling chain, especially where damaged vehicles are left by the roadside following accidents.

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