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New competence centre by AST and Lindner will boost recyclate content in packaging

German packaging producer AST is investing in a new competence centre that will house an innovative plastics recycling line to to process post-industrial and post-consumer high density polyethylene (HDPE). The company is relying on the technological expertise of Lindner to realise this ambitious facility.

AST manufactures various types of packaging, such as bottles, containers and drums. The business, which opened its doors in Erndtebrück in 1977, has set a long-term target to increase the amount of recyclates used in its products so it will ultimately be able to supply its own raw materials.

The brand-new centre of competence is a pilot project that aims to optimise activities at AST locations in southern Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK. The washing, sorting and shredding solutions by Austrian recycling technology firm Lindner Washtech and Lindner Recyclingtech will play a starring role.

‘We transform premium plastics into high-quality containers, drums and bottles and believe that this raw material should not go the general recovery route. With the new centre of competence, we want to retain this valuable material in the loop,’ says AST’s recycling manager Hauke Grabau.

‘My many years of experience in the field of plastics recycling have shown me that Lindner offers the best overall package and expertise in mechanically recovering polymers. We have seen from the very beginning that Lindner is willing to tackle new problems and that we can learn from each other in the joint development of this project.’

AST’s headquarters in Erndtebrück.

The Lindner family business has been creating tried-and-tested recycling solutions at its production facilities in Spittal and Feistritz in Austria for decades. The tech provider offers machines and system components that are exported to almost one hundred coun

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