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New aerosol recycling unit for UK’s Grundon

United Kingdom – Grundon Waste Management has targeted the UK’s aerosol recycling market with the purchase of a new facility. Capable of processing around 9000 aerosols per hour, the Hazpak 6000 closed-loop system has 10 times the capacity of its current facility, according to manufacturer Eko Environmental.

Thames Valley-based Grundon has invested ‘a significant sum’ in the new unit, which will be installed at its hazardous waste transfer station at Ewelme in Oxfordshire, central England.

The Hazpak 6000 is developed and manufactured in Canada by the Eko Environmental division of Maclean Engineering. The Grundon team was closely involved in the design project to ensure the system ‘meets stringent UK and European legislation and regulations’.

In addition to handling aerosols, the Hazpak 6000 will be capable of processing paint tins, oil filters, varnishes, inks and small gas cylinders. The metal from the cans will be sent for recycling while liquids such as hairspray, paint and deodorant will be separated for recovery or recycling; propellants such as butane or LPG will be collected and used by Grundon to fuel in-house operations or generate electricity.

Start-up of the new unit is planned for March next year, with full operation expected by the end of April.

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