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Neo-Eco builds back war-torn housing

French firm Neo-Eco plans to build 450 new apartments using materials recovered from buildings destroyed in the Russian bombing of Ukraine towns. Rubble is being collected in one of them them, Hostomel, with the first homes scheduled to be ready by 2024.

Neo-Eco says it can recycle up to 98% of the debris. For example, it can turn concrete and bricks into aggregate, wooden doors into particle board, and plaster into plasterboard.

The company’s recycling initiative is supported by the French government as well as 12 universities and 23 research partners. Since 2008, Neo-Eco has developed more than 500 individual product type based on demolished structures. Some of which have been awarded ‘gold’ status by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

The company’s recycling scheme has three stages:

  • Stage 1: Analysis of existing objects and materials (removing windows, doors and household items; sorting materials for repair, reuse or recycling)
  • Stage 2: Sorting materials suitable for concrete production
  • Stage 3: Use of recovered materials in industry and local construction

Neo-Eco signed a memorandum of understanding with the Kyiv Regional Military Administration to carry out the pilot scheme last September. The French government is funding the start-up phase of the project while the company is looking for additional investors for the overall EUR 30 million required.

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