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Müller-Guttenbrunn’s century of recycling

Austria – The family-owned Müller-Guttenbrunn group of Amstetten in Austria has marked 100 years in the recycling business, with more than 400 people attending the celebration.

The centenary is composed of three anniversaries: 60 years of Metal Recycling Müller-Guttenbrunn; 30 years of Metran; and 10 years of MBA Polymers. The company was founded by the father of Herbert and Dietrich Müller-Guttenbrunn and started off with the collection of war relics, providing the platform for rapid growth and numerous developments over the course of the company’s history.

Current ceo Christian Müller-Guttenbrunn, the third generation to head the family business, declared: ‘Nature knows no waste; nor do we. Our company motto puts it in a nutshell. Unfortunately, the full potential of the waste is very often not recognised. That’s why we invest heavily in innovation and new plants to recycle mainly scrap and, in the last 10 years, we have specialised in e-waste recycling. Rising disposal costs are the driver for companies like ours to always find new ways of recycling. That works; it is innovative and it is also increasingly recognised as sustainable.’

The group employs some 1200 people at 15 locations in Europe, which together recycle around 850 000 tonnes of metal-containing wastes every year.

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