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‘Mission completed’ at Dutch recycling major

‘Mission completed!’ cheer Lorenzo Compalati, Pierluigi Sambolino, Thomas Jansen and Mario Icardi, in front of a modular shearing system made by Italian recycling equipment manufacturer Vezzani.

The Vezzani VS has recently been delivered, installed and commissioned at Jansen Recycling in the Netherlands. Weighing 100 tonnes, this piece of machinery enables the metal recycler, among other things, to reduce the cost of moving scrap at the yard. ‘Thanks to the transportable VS, scrap metals no longer have to be moved to the shear,’ says Thomas Jansen, the machine’s operator. ‘Instead, thanks to its tracks, the shear can be moved to wherever the scrap is.’

Vezzani’s Pierluigi Sambolino comments: ‘We all know how useful a Swiss knife can be, and how versatile Lego can be. With the VS we have launched a modular shearing system that has both these qualities in a single system. At the heart of the VS is a fully functional precompression gravity feed shear that performs like our static machinery, meaning fast, powerful, and productive.’ 

Sambolino points out the VS can be static, transportable, or even mobile. ‘The possibility of bolt on features allows our clients to personalise their press shear with features including lifting/self-loading legs, base structure with processed scrap pusher, tracks allowing full mobility, feeding box extension, various protective covers and its own inclined conveyor belt. It meets the requirements of industry 4.0 too.’

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