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Metallix moves to boost PGM potential

United States – US precious metals specialist Metallix Refining has purchased a state-of-the-art scrap catalytic converter processing facility from Umicore. Located at Maxton in North Carolina, the new acquisition will enable Metallix to ‘significantly’ increase its catalytic converter recycling capacity and complements its existing North Carolina refinery at Greenville, which recycles and refines other types of scrap precious metals from, for example, the electronics, jewellery and specialty chemical sectors.

The Maxton facility has the capacity to process 4 million lb per year of ceramic converters and is also said to be ‘one of very few locations in the world’ with a platinum group metal (PGM) recycling process for metal foil converters, with the capabilities to process 3.5 million lb per year.

Metallix plans to retain the majority of the site’s employees in an effort to ensure a ‘seamless transition’. This move will better position Metallix to cater to the precious metals recycling market, according to company ceo Eric Leiner. And he adds: ‘Our business model and advanced technology makes investments like this possible.’

The Maxton facility will also support Metallix’s PGM Pipeline programme, described as a ‘strategic alliance’ of companies with facilities dedicated to refining and recycling PGMs in ‘as few steps as possible’.

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