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Malary banks on second shredder

UK industrial waste management specialist Malary has bolstered its hazardous material recycling capabilities with a second RS100 Untha shredder.

Capable of processing materials some operators shy away from, Malary will use the new equipment to shred contaminated waste such as IBCs, and plastic/steel drum shredding for recycling and energy recovery. Currently configured to handle up to 150 tonnes per week, Malary’s total capacity will double with the ability to transform difficult wastes into a homogenous particle size as small as 50mm.

The fraction is then further separated into ferrous and non-ferrous material. Commenting on the shredder investment, Malary’s managing director Lewis Walker says: ‘With sophisticated in-house processing facilities that include seven different recycling routes – together with UKAS-approved laboratories to ensure the quality of all recycled product – we’ve built a solid reputation for complex waste handling and are trusted by some of the UK’s leading waste contractors.

‘To continually offer the best possible solution for our customers, while boosting the environmental and commercial efficiencies of our facility, we are constantly investing in new and better technologies and Untha’s four shredders now lie at the heart of our operation. The capabilities of these globally-proven machines, known for their ability to tackle difficult materials economically, safely and compliantly, is crucial to us.’

Untha’s four-shaft shredder technology was the first to be introduced into the range when the Austrian manufacturer was founded in the 1970s. The series began with the compact RS40 but has continually evolved as the company’s engineering innovation has progressed over the decades.

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