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Major UK chemical hub to open

ReNew ELP and Px Group are hiring 33 recycling experts to operate the high-tech plastics recycling plant under construction on Teesside, UK. The site is claimed to be one of the world’s biggest commercial-scale chemical recycling facilities and is scheduled to open in early 2023.

Once fully operational, the new site will be able to handle 80 000 tonnes of scrap per year using methods pioneered by Mura Technology, which owns ReNew ELP.

Its proprietary HydroPRS process uses supercritical water to break down post-consumer plastics into a range of valuable liquid hydrocarbon products including naphtha, gas oils, and heavy wax residue, all of which are building blocks in the manufacture of new plastics.

‘There is no limit to the number of times plastic can be recycled using this process,’ says Richard Daley, managing director at ReNew ELP. ‘Additionally, it is capable of processing all plastic waste types, including difficult-to-recycle materials such as composite films.’

Px Group was awarded a 10-year contract to operate the recycling plant. Initially, it will treat 20 000 tonnes of material per year before scaling up with three additional lines.

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