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Made in Germany ‘crucial’ to the future of recycling

Germany – Worldwide, the sophisticated technology designed and developed by German industries is becoming more and more crucial to the future success of recycling, according to Thomas Rummler, state secretary for recycling at Germany’s environment ministry.

Speaking at an open day last week celebrating the 125th anniversary of sensor-based sorting equipment manufacturer Steinert, Rummler praised Germany’s role as ‘a technology leader when it comes to developing innovative solutions that make recycling more efficient and more intelligent’. Initiated by the German government, a special steering group has been set up to stimulate exports of technology originating in Germany, including those relating to recycling in which Steinert plays an active role.

State secretary Rummler noted that, thanks to recycling, some Euro 10 billion per year is saved in terms of primary resources in Germany alone. ‘Obviously, frontrunners such as Steinert help boost recycling, and provide recyclers and society with the technology needed to make further steps and set new goals,’ he stated.

Pointing to the ever-increasing importance of using secondary materials, Rummler added: ‘In 2050, the world population will have grown to 9 billion people and, in order to supply these, more resources are necessary.’

At the event marking the 125th anniversary of Steinert, current and future recycling solutions were showcased. More than 400 customers and business contacts from around the world gathered at the company’s headquarters in Cologne, among them representatives of its subsidiaries in South America, Eastern Europe and South Africa.

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