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Israel continues its recycling sprint

'Green' art colours the streets of Tel Aviv.

Middle East – Tel Aviv has been named the ‘Recycler of the Year’ out of all cities in Israel. Residents recycled over 53 litres worth of drinks containers and bottles last year, which is 20% more than households anywhere else in the country, according to the Jerusalem Post.

ELA Recycling Corporation awarded the winning title based on recycling results per capita; with equates to 125 tons of packaging. It adds that Israel recycled 15% more packaging in 2015 than back in 2000. Results surged by 2% last year alone.

The rise in recycling is partly because more than 48 000 apartment buildings and homes in Tel Aviv have recycling bins. Another 25 000 residences are expected to receive them shortly.

Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai gladly accepted the award and pledged that he would invest ‘hundreds of millions’ into developing the ‘biggest and most advanced recycling facility in the Middle East’. National legislators have also been lobbying for a ‘revolutionary’ recycling programme for cities big and small. In fact, the Environmental Protection Ministry has revealed that one billion (US$ 256 million) will go towards reaching recycling 35% of all waste by 2020.

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