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Integration for Aurubis’ recycling activities

Germany – The world’s largest copper recycler Aurubis AG of Germany has introduced a new corporate structure: two segments focusing on primary copper production and copper products have replaced three business units for primary copper, recycling/precious metals and copper products. Executive board member Dr Frank Schneider, who was in charge of the recycling/precious metals division, has left the company.

The group’s central precious metals division has been integrated into the primary copper production segment, responsibility for which will continue to lie with ceo Dr Bernd Drouven.

The Lünen recycling facility, meanwhile, has been integrated into the copper products division in a move that will enable Aurubis ‘to focus more effectively on its customers’, it says in a statement. ‘Improved strategic integration will be particularly advantageous in view of the increasing volume of closing-the-loop projects. Within this context, we are planning to accept scrap and production waste from our customers and put these materials back into circulation.’

Drouven comments: ‘Integrating our recycling activities into our product business is a logical step if we consider these areas from a market perspective – in other words, from the perspective of our customers.’

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