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Hi Torc Drive for Vecoplan shredders

Archiv – Engineers at Vecoplan Maschinenfabrik in Germany have developed the patent pending Hi Torc Drive.Engineers at Vecoplan Maschinenfabrik in Germany have developed the patent pending Hi Torc Drive.
This is an electronic shredder drive which operates on a fraction of the normal electrical current and increases throughput to levels ’never before imagined’, according to the company. The innovation ‘€˜marks the dawn of new operational standards’€™, it suggests.
Available exclusively on Vecoplan shredders, the Hi Torc Drive is mounted directly onto the rotor shaft, thus eliminating the need for belt drives, turbo couplings and gear reducers. Electrical demand peaks are adjustable and can be limited to reduce consumption and costs. The highest motor power is available at any specified speed and amperage draw level. Meanwhile, rotor speed is infinitely adjustable from 0 to 420 rpm. Dynamic and quick-reaction operation avoids any decrease in throughput during the processing of even problematic materials. The drive is provided with a dynamic, electric braking function and has a high starting torque, such that starting even under a full hopper load presents no problem.
According to Vecoplan, the drive achieves up to double the throughput of conventional drives with the same rating. Waste heat from the cooling aggregate can be captured and used for process heat, it adds.

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