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Have your say on the TOP 100 next year

It can’t have escaped your attention that we recently launched our first collected celebration of global industry innovators. On the heels of all the praise and recognition our 100 recycling specialists are enjoying, we now invite you to submit your recommendations for the nominees long list of 2022.

Who do you think deserves a place in the TOP 100 next year? And why? Please offer your suggestions and, who knows, you may see a familiar face in our special summer issue of 2022.

The criteria are pretty flexible to match the great variety of the global recycling sector. For example, you can nominate companies as well as individuals.

Your nominee may have:
• Launched a company
• Started a special project
• Acquired a patent
• Won funding
• Set a recycling record

Or may:
• Serve as an industry advocate/watchdog
• Serve as a judge/panellist/speaker
• Represent a niche market
• Represent a developing market
• Represent a family company
• Be a leading woman in scrap
• Be a next-generation recycling leader
• Have made a social impact
• Tell the story of recycling (reports, R&D, books, documentary, art)

You may even know someone who embodies all of the above qualifications. At any rate, we are very curious to find out who you think should make the 2022 list!

Would you like to share any interesting developments or article ideas with us? Don't hesitate to contact us.

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