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Hamilton raises the stakes for mattresses

Robin Stevenson (right) estimates Hamilton will recycle no less than 100 000 mattresses this year.

UK firm Hamilton Waste & Recycling has processed more than one quarter of a million mattresses and md Robin Stevenson says he is looking to ramp up recycling capacity.

‘We have recycled a landmark number of 2 500 tonnes of metal, 750 tonnes of foam and 500 tonnes of polyester,’ Stevenson reports. All of this is used in the manufacture of more sustainable products, including solid recovered fuel if mechanical recycling is unsuitable.

The UK entrepreneur says his team is on track to recycle 100 000 mattresses by the end of this year. But, in his view, it’s too early to celebrate a ‘fantastic achievement’ and lean back.

‘Scotland still recycles only one in ten used mattresses,’ he notes. ‘In short, more than 650 000 mattresses are still being landfilled every year. This wanton waste of resources is completely unnecessary and needs to be addressed by the Scottish Government if we are to achieve our circular economy ambitions.’

Eager to set an example, Hamilton plans to increase its recycling capacity by at least 20% in 2023. On top of that, it recently announced a partnership with Scotland’s largest independent bed retailer, Archers Sleep Centre. It will ensure all the used mattresses and beds returned via a commercial take-back scheme will go to Hamilton’s site in Edinburgh. As an extra recycling incentive, Archers is handing out vouchers to 1.5 million households.

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