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Greensteel boost for UK scrap

Liberty Steel Group UK (LSUK) is looking to double production of greensteel at one of its UK plants, processing scrap generated in Britain that would normally be exported.

The company issued a statement on 22 June saying it was planning for an annual output of one million tonnes from two electric arc furnaces at its Rotherham plant in northern England, converting scrap into rebar for the construction industry. Liberty says half of the UK 1.2 million tonnes of demand for rebar each year is met by imports.
It is looking to cut its carbon emissions at the plant with its focus on greensteel.

A new future

‘The business is well-prepared to win a greater share of the construction market in the UK with a competitive greensteel rebar offering for projects such as HS2 (high speed rail project),’ LSUK executive chairman Sanjeev Gupta said in the statement. ‘As we make plans for a post-pandemic economy, we have challenged ourselves to think differently across our product mix, assets and cost base to improve competitiveness and prepare for a new future.’
LSUK took over Rotherham from Tata Steel in 2017 when it was producing around 225 000 tonnes a year. A second EAF was later switched on, doubling output to around 500 000 tonnes.

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