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Green factors influence food purchase, says report

With food waste and plastic packaging being such hot topics of debate in recent months, it is perhaps unsurprising that they are having a growing influence on UK consumers’ purchasing choices, according to GlobalData.

GlobalData’s latest Q3 2018 consumer survey has revealed that the influence of ethical and environmental factors on food purchase decisions has increased in the UK over the last two years. Almost 31% of the consumers surveyed in the UK in 2018 claim to be often, or always, influenced by how ethical, environmentally friendly, or socially responsible a product is when choosing what food to buy – an increase of four percentage points compared to 2016.

‘As food choices are increasingly scrutinised by ethically minded consumers, the challenge for manufacturers will be to balance the need for less (and more eco-friendly) packaging, with the necessity to also minimise food waste,’ says GlobalData analyst Melanie Felgate.

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One thought on “Green factors influence food purchase, says report

  • There are a few that I don”t believe I”m influenced by either (i.e. being sold a piece of clothing or a pair of shoes because an athlete endorses it) But it is interesting to note that in the research there were multiples times where people were asked if they thought things like social proof, reciprocation, etc. influenced them and they said “no but their actions said otherwise. Even though we might not think we”re influenced by these types of things, sometimes we actually are and we simply fool ourselves.

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