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Global recovered paper report

Archiv – US-based Moore & Associates and EU Consulting have announced the publication of the 2006 edition of its ’Outlook for Recovered Paper Markets – Increasing Competition for Recovered Paper’.US-based Moore & Associates and EU Consulting have announced the publication of the 2006 edition of its ’Outlook for Recovered Paper Markets – Increasing Competition for Recovered Paper’. The fourth edition of this strategic business analysis focuses on future trends and developments in the use and supply of recovered paper, according to one of the report’s co-authors William P. Moore.
The report covers developments in all the major regions of the world including: Western and Eastern Europe; North and Latin America; Japan, China and the rest of Asia; the Near and Middle East; Oceania; and Africa.
The 2000, 2002 and 2004 editions of the report provided a useful reference source for consumers, processors, traders, recycling industry equipment suppliers and organisations involved in fibre recycling, according to Mr Moore. The report ’provides a unique and definitive insight into global developments in future recovered fibre supply/availability and markets, including detailed statistical appendices of more than 100 pages’, he adds.
The report identifies China as the dominant factor in the global recovered paper business over the past few years, with country’s imports exceeding 17 million tonnes last year. Additional issues addressed in the report include:
* European developments characterised by industry restructuring and by the major knock-on effect on recovered paper demand and export availability;
* The US paper and board industry’s ability to survive in the face of international competition and the consequences for recovered paper trading;
* The new business potential in emerging markets such as India, Turkey, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Ukraine;
* The global price mechanism with the major factors influencing recovered paper price developments.
As for what can be expected to happen in the coming years, the report offers these predictions:
* Continuing large-scale investments in new recovered fibre-based papermaking capacity, particularly in China, with investments peaking in 2007;
* A European market characterised by fewer projects and restructuring;
* A slow-down in the growth of paper and board markets in industrialised countries and declining markets in North America, but increasing annual volume increment in global use of recovered paper, bolstered by changing regional patterns of paper and board production;
* China’s import needs appear endless and supplies are needed from elsewhere in the world – North America cannot supply much more tonnage
* Growing international trade in recovered paper, with the supply side and procurement arrangements becoming increasingly important;
* Upward trends in recovered paper prices, particularly for packaging grades.

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