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First Machinex sorting robot coming to Europe

Machinex is pleased to announce it is installing its first sorting robots in Europe in 2021. Three SamurAITM robots have been sold to the Veolia Group in France.

The latest generation of SamurAITM robots will be incorporated in a new sorting system to boost Veolia’s sorting efficiency. A single robot will be installed on the reject line to recover recycling materials, while a double robot will be placed on a split channel conveyor to control the quality of light (mixed) polyethylene and polypropylene.

Machinex says its SamurAITM robot stands out from the competitors because of the powerful grasping tool. ‘We went further into development to obtain a unique and very powerful suction tool that offers excellent grasping capabilities. Indeed, no matter the artificial intelligence’s performance, the robot must capture designated materials, despite their shape or weight,’ comments Matthew Smith, robot integration specialist at Machinex.

‘Our recent experience shows us that the SamurAITM performs outstandingly to grasp the hardest containers such as big HDPE with an irregular shape,’ he adds. Machinex also distinguishes itself by offering financing options for sorting robots. ‘Our leasing solution fits perfectly into the business model of large groups as well as smaller companies.’  

Machinex attributes its success in the French market to having a sales department in Canada with a French after-sales and service team. The company says it aims to work together with French assemblers to sell equipment separately, such as robots, which can be integrated as ready-to-use equipment.

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