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Fifty candles for sorting specialist MSS

US recycling technology firm MSS is celebrating half a century as a sensor-based sorting specialist.

MSS was founded by Garry Kenny and Edward Sommer in 1973. It has evolved from a small product line serving specialised metal sorting applications to a renowned provider of near-infrared, colour, metal, and artificial intelligence-based optical sorting technologies. MSS’s expertise extends to the sorting of flexible materials, particularly paper and plastic film and the company has pioneered patented air-assist systems for nearly 25 years.

Patented tech

Innovation is woven into the company’s history. In 1991, MSS introduced the first BottleSort, revolutionising the sorting of post-consumer plastic containers by type and colour. Later generations include the Binary BottleSort, marketed under the Cirrus tradename.

The latest generation, the FiberMax, offers higher sensor resolution and is joined by the PlasticMax, FilmMax, and eMax machines for comprehensive sorting solutions.

MSS introduced the L-VIS line-scan camera technology in 2010 based on demand from e-scrap and metal recyclers. This unit was updated in 2019 and second-generation L-VIS units quadruple the pixel resolution. MetalMiner is a third generation unit, using induction-based sorting technology and succeeding earlier technologies such as MetalSort and Elpac.

Patents have played a significant role in protecting MSS’s core technologies and recent additions include the PrecisionFlow eject hood in 2019. The curved design eliminates back pressure, ensuring optimal performance, particularly in high-speed optical sorters such as it 1 000fpm FiberMax.

Big ambitions

Growing demand prompted MSS to relocate to a larger manufacturing plant in 2015, doubling its site. Further expansion is planned for 2025.

MSS vice president Greg Thibado attributes the company’s endurance to its exceptional employees. ‘For 50 years, we have been fortunate to have hard-working, dedicated, and innovative individuals as the foundation of our success. As technology and market conditions evolve, our people remain constant, ensuring a bright and prosperous future.’

Thbado says MSS remains committed to developing cutting-edge sensor-based sorting technology. He believes the recent introduction of AI technology, such as Vivid AI, promises significant growth opportunities for recyclers.

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