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EU invests in innovative recycling projects

Europe – The European Commission has approved funding of Euro 40 million (US$ 54 million) for 14 new research projects designed to shape a more resource-efficient economy in Europe. Over 140 partners from various European research organisations and private companies will collaborate on tackling this subject.

‘Each project addresses a key issue such as reusing discarded automobile tyres, recovering key elements from batteries, producing green fertiliser from animal waste, and generating renewable clean energy from food and plant waste,’ says the Commission.

One of the projects is REEcover, which is co-ordinated by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and which has been granted a budget of Euro 6 million (US$ 8.1 million) to improve the recovery of rare earth elements from magnetic waste in the electrical and electronic equipment recycling industry and tailings from the iron ore industry.

Other examples include: COLABATS, led by UK company C-Tech Innovation, which has been awarded Euro 3.59 million (US$ 4.84 million) to improve cobalt and lanthanide recovery from batteries; and ANAGENNISI, run by the UK’s University of Sheffield, which has received Euro 3.12 million (US$ 4.21 million) to research the ‘innovative reuse of all tyre components in concrete’.

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