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EU glass recycling exceeds 70%

Europe – Over 11 million tons of glass was collected throughout the EU in 2011, according to latest data from the European Container Glass Federation (FEVE). As a result, the EU glass recycling rate climbed ‘€˜above the 70% threshold’€™ for the first time ever.In achieving a recycling rate of 70.28%, EU countries managed to conserve more than 12 million tons of raw materials – predominantly sand, soda ash and limestone – while saving some 2.5% energy for each 10% of glass recycled in the furnace. At the same time, they prevented 7 million tons of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere, which is equivalent to taking 4 million vehicles off the road, according to FEVE.
‘€˜This achievement follows major efforts made in all EU member states over the past few years to meet the EU’€™s 60% recycling target for glass, a level that was reached by all the relevant countries by 2008,’€™ says FEVE.
The organisation recognises the impact of the European glass industry’€™s efforts to design and manufacture containers that facilitate recycling. ‘€˜Collection and processing schemes have also been extended and progressively improved,’€™ states FEVE. Increased consumer awareness has also contributed to the higher recycling rate, it adds.
‘€˜Glass is a mono-material and does not require any additional barriers to preserve food and drinks,’€™ states FEVE’€™s secretary general Adeline Farrelly. To further improve the recycling rate, she advocates ‘€˜suitable legislation that acknowledges and incentivises real recycling’€™.
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