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EU extends anti-dumping protection for GOES

The European Commission has extended by five years its anti-dumping duties on imports of grain-oriented flat rolled products of silicon-electrical steel (GOES) from China, Russia, USA, Japan and South Korea.

Officials in Brussels say that if the current anti-dumping measures were eased it would result in a significant increase of imports that would be harmful to the EU production of GOES. These are vital high-end steel products for premium quality transformers, generators and motors needed for the maintenance and expansion of the EU’s electrical grid, including in the production of wind energy. The value of the EU market is around EUR 410 million per year.

The commission has explained that the measures will continue to impose a minimum import price, above which trade can take place without duties. Only if the import prices fall below this level will the commission impose anti-dumping duties, set at the difference between the import price and the minimum import price, up to a maximum ranging between 21.5% and 39% of the import price. 

‘The measures will thus continue to ensure a level playing field for EU GOES producers while providing stable supply on the import side of high quality GOES, needed in particular for the production of premium quality transformers, generators and motors,’ says the commission press release.

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