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EU approved ship recycling yards number 45

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The European Commission has adopted the latest edition of the ‘European List’ of ship recycling facilities, which also includes yards in Turkey and one in the United States.

The 12th list removes three facilities in Denmark, the Netherlands and Norway because they are no longer in the ship recycling business. The Commission has also extended the date of expiry of inclusion of one yard in Finland and five in Norway.

The European List now contains 45 ship-recycling facilities, of which 35 are in Europe (EU, Norway and UK), nine in Turkey and one yard in the US.

Since 31 December 2018, the EU Ship Recycling Regulation has required all large sea-going vessels sailing under a member state flag to use an approved facility on the list.

The Commission monitors the compliance of the yards on the list and for the first time in October carried out unannounced inspections in Turkish yards.

To be included in the European List, any ship recycling facility has to comply with a number of safety and environmental requirements. Facilities in third countries intending to recycle ships flying a flag of a member state have to apply to the Commission for inclusion in the European List.

An evaluation of the EU Ship Recycling Regulation is underway. Stakeholders’ consultations have been carried out and the results are expected to be published in the second quarter of 2024.

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