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Enicor tackles skim iron stockpile

Metals recycler and trader Enicor is preparing to segregate, transport, and distribute a 400 000 tonne stockpile of skim iron in the UK for export.

The contract, in partnership with British Steel in Scunthorpe, involves moving the material from its current storage location to a stockyard and then to the port of Immingham in Lincolnshire before preparing it for export.

Enicor has taken a lease at the port to facilitate the project. Skim iron, or pig iron skulls, is a rich by-product derived from the desulphurisation process of pig iron, after its production in a blast furnace.

Potential Ceo James Bowers recognises ‘the immense potential within this previously overlooked resource’. ‘This project requires a substantial commitment, involving the movement of 25 000 tonnes every five weeks.

‘Immingham, being one of the largest and most well-connected in the region, provides us with a crucial gateway to international markets. We believe this move not only enhances Enicor’s logistical capabilities but also positions us as a major player in the global scrap metal recycling industry.’

Enicor was founded in 2023, after KJB Consulting acquired BW Riddle, a metal recycling business of over 50 years.

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