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E-cycling and ELVs the hot topics in China

Asia – ‘More automobiles and trucks are now sold in China each year than in any other nation, and the vehicle boom throughout Asia means a growing stream of end-of-life vehicles,’ according to Professor Duan Weng of Tsinghua University in Beijing. This pressing issue will be among those addressed at the annual Electronics & Cars Recycling conference taking place in Macau on November 15-18 this year.

Along with the car market, the electronics sector in Asia has grown ‘tremendously’ in the past 10 years, says conference organizer ICM AG. Meanwhile, the global e-scrap market is projected to be worth more than US$ 34 billion by 2022.

Industry experts will be speaking on a variety of topics, including: e-scrap transparency; ELV depollution and dismantling best practice; ELV shredding and downstream materials separation; lead-acid and electric/hybrid vehicle battery recycling; and the recycling of mercury-containing scrap. ICM is also offering additional workshops after the main event.

The conference venue is the Sheraton Hotel in Macau – a city reputed to be the most densely populated in the world.

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