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Dumping inquiry into Indian and Indonesian steel products

The European Commission (EC) has launched an investigation into the alleged dumping of stainless steel cold-rolled flat products from India and Indonesia.

In August, the European Steel Association (Eurofer) lodged a complaint of behalf of producers representing more than 25% of the total EU production of such products.

The dumping allegation from India and Indonesia is based on a comparison of the domestic price with the export price (at ex-works level) of the product under investigation when sold for export to the Union. Eurofer’s evidence included comparison of a normal value (manufacturing costs, selling, general and administrative costs and profit) with the export prices. On this basis, it is alleged, the margins are significant for both economies.

‘Eurofer has provided evidence that imports of the product under investigation from the countries concerned have increased overall in absolute terms and in terms of market share. The evidence provided by the complainant shows that the volume and the prices of the imported product under investigation have had, among other consequences, a negative impact on the quantities sold and on the level of prices charged as well as on the market share held by the Union industry, resulting in adverse effects on the financial situation of the Union industry.’

The EC notice announcing the investigation goes on: ‘The complainant has provided sufficient evidence that there are raw material distortions in India and Indonesia regarding the product under investigation. Those distortions appear to result in prices that are lower than those quoted on international markets of the same products.

The investigation covers the period from 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020 although price and other trends back to January 2017 will be reviewed.

Products under investigation come under these CN codes: 7219 31 00, 7219 32 10, 7219 32 90, 7219 33 10, 7219 33 90, 7219 34 10, 7219 34 90, 7219 35 10, 7219 35 90, 7219 90 20, 7219 90 80, 7220 20 21, 7220 20 29, 7220 20 41, 7220 20 49, 7220 20 81, 7220 20 89, 7220 90 20 and 7220 90 80.

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