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Double-digit growth in steel output for June

World crude steel production in June was 167.9 million tonnes (Mt), an 11.6% rise compared to June 2020, according to the World Steel Association (worldsteel).

As always, the numbers are dominated by China which produced 93.9 Mt, up 1.5% on June 2020. India’s total grew by 21.4% to 9.4 Mt, up 21.4% while Japan reported a 44.4% growth to 8.1 Mt and the The United States 7.1 Mt, up 44.4%.

Russia is estimated to have produced 6.4 Mt, up 11.4%; South Korea 6.0 Mt (up 17.3%); Germany 3.4 Mt (up 38.2%); Turkey 3.4 Mt, (up 17.9%); Brazil 3.1 Mt (up 45.2%) and Iran is estimated to have produced 2.5 Mt, up 1.9%.

Asia and Oceania head the regional breakdown with 122.5 Mt, up 6.4%. Africa produced 1.5 Mt (up 46.9%); CIS 8.9 Mt (up 9.1%); EU (27) 13.2 Mt (up 34.7%); Europe, Other 4.3 Mt (up 21.0%); Middle East 3.6 Mt (up 9.1%); North America 10.0 Mt (up 45.2%) and South America 3.9 Mt (up 51.3%).

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