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CRUK event promotes design for recycling

United Kingdom – Inspiration for manufacturers to design new carpet products for recycling or reuse at end-of-life was a key theme at the sixth annual conference of Carpet Recycling UK (CRUK), held recently in Birmingham. The event focused on resources for the circular economy and drew a record attendance of some 100 delegates.

‘Having exceeded our 25% landfill diversion target two years early, it is the right time to celebrate the achievements of those who have made real advancements in carpet recycling and reuse,’ commented CRUK’s director Laurance Bird.

Since its formation in 2008, CRUK has been pivotal in transforming attitudes to the 400 000 tonnes of carpet waste that arise annually in the UK. ‘But to achieve our next target of diverting 60% of carpet waste from landfill by 2020, we need to look at how we design the sustainable products of the future and how easily they can be recycled,’ said Bird.

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