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Copex inaugurates its first shear at Gold Star Metals in Texas

Terry Sturgell Sr (SHEARCORE), Jignesh Ratani (GOLD STAR METALS), Frédéric MALIN and Lionel LE MENTEC (COPEX), Benjamin Rochbach and Bruce Bacon (SHEARCORE).

The French leading manufacturer of shears and balers for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, which celebrated its 70th birthday last Autumn, has just commissioned the USA’s first Lidex 1400 tonnes scrap shear with side compression at Gold Star Metals’ (GSM) new scrap yard in Houston, Texas.

Emotion is in the air. This is a multi-million US dollar investment for GSM and the first Lidex delivered by the Breton manufacturer to America. There’s plenty of scrap available for the inaugural tests. Thousands of tonnes of concrete reinforcing bars, H irons and metal skips are waiting to be sheared.

The shear is fed by a new Liebherr 934 fixed electric crane with a reach of 20 metres. The metal skips are first compacted like matchboxes. Combined with the high force of the hold-down, the large cutting width delivers an excellent density. The same applies to the rebars, which are compacted laterally and then vertically, strongly enough to split concrete blocks intermingled with the scrap metal, thereby boosting density.

The shear is part of the Lidex range of Copex side-squeeze compression shears. It has a box of 8m by 2.60m, 1m in height, a cutting width of 1 350mm and a nominal force of 1 400 tonnes, making it the most powerful Copex shear in the USA.

Complete automatic cycle

The general manager of the GSM, Jignesh Ratani, explains: ‘We have seen the difference with other equipment manufacturers – Lidex is the only machine that offers a complete automatic cycle which for us is the biggest asset and it puts us in the forefront of the metal recycling industry’. Copex is the only manufacturer to offer an automatic cycle that includes compression and shearing. On this machine, everything has been designed to reduce cycle times: the oversized lid, the patented kinematics of the preload table and the latest hydraulics. This explains the high speed of work and the great performance of the machine. The GSM Lidex will process 10 000 tonnes of scrap materials per month.

Changing the blades

‘Safety is our number one priority at GSM,’ says Ratani. ‘The unique system, which consists of a maintenance platform and a specific tooling developed by Copex’s design office for the change of blades on Lidex shears, allows this critical operation to be carried out extremely quickly and safely without any danger to our personnel or operations.’ The system demonstrates the commitment of Copex to offer concrete solutions to facilitate maintenance and, from its conception, make the operation of the machine more ergonomic and more efficient.

For GSM, which exports its output primarily to South Asian and South East Asian countries, Copex will play a significant role in achieving high-quality material in a much faster turnaround time and will bring the company to the next level on its operational supply chain.

There is nothing better than this expression of faith to augur well for the future of Copex in the US market, where smaller capacity portable shear balers from Copex’s other flagship range Reflex are already installed at several sites. GSM, like all other American customers, will benefit from the support of Shearcore which, as well as selling the machines, provides the technical service in collaboration with Copex in France.

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