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Charity walk to help bridge global recycling gap

United Kingdom – Global waste management charity WasteAid has announced its next major fundraising event, the Walk for WasteAid, which will take place in London on Saturday June 23. Claimed to be the biggest event of its kind, it will raise funds to support waste management initiatives in low-income countries.

‘WasteAid is raising money to train communities in poor parts of the world to recycle plastic, creating jobs and keeping plastic out of the oceans,’ explains organiser Sally Talbot.

‘WasteAid supporters are genuinely helping to solve the global plastic pollution problem, and we’re grateful to everyone who’s already signed up for the Walk for WasteAid 2018.’ WasteAid’s chief executive Mike Webster adds: ‘The health and environmental consequences of unmanaged waste are becoming clear, and with 3 billion people globally without a proper waste management service, the time to act is now.’

Webster was recently declared the winner of this year’s Resource Hot 100 – beating renowned broadcaster David Attenborough and former winner Mary Creagh MP to the top spot – in recognition of his work with WasteAid in pushing the issue of waste management in the developing world to the forefront of systemic thinking regarding waste and resources.

The Walk for WasteAid 2018 will follow a 25 km route along the River Thames in London, zigzagging across 16 historic bridges and ending south of Tower Bridge.

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