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Cartakeback to underpin Citroen’s UK scrappage scheme

United Kingdom – As the exclusively approved end of life vehicle service provider to CITROEN within the United Kingdom, recycler teams up with Frechn car manufacturer Citroen to develop a £2000 cashback scrappage scheme. This was launched this month in advance of the possible Government Scrappage Incentive Scheme. Cartakeback will offer a guaranteed free collection service to vehicle owners who trade in their old car as part of the Citroen Scrappage Scheme, as an extension to its usual service where scrap cars are de-polluted to remove all hazardous materials before being recycled to the UK government targets of 85%.

Xavier Duchemin, Managing Director of Citroen UK, comments; ‘Citroen is recognised for bringing innovative consumer offers to market so we are pleased to announce that we have seized this proposed government initiative and extended its scope to launch our own Scrappage Incentive Scheme. The Citroen Trade-In deal allows us to pass on significant savings to new car buyers, and also helps reduce the number of older, more polluting vehicles on the roads.’

Citroen will pay £2000 cashback against the purchase of a qualifying new Citroen passenger vehicle when customers scrap their old car through Cartakeback, in addition to any existing cashback offers in a bid to promote the replacement of older cars with cleaner, safer and better equipped new ones.

Andrew Tromans, Development Manager for Cartakeback says: ‘We are delighted to be able to contribute towards Citroen’s cradle to grave approach to vehicle ownership with our professional collection and recycling service for customers taking advantage of Citroen’s Scrappage Scheme’.

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