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Call for more education on recycling in the USA

United States – Kerbside recycling is available to more than half of American adults but the US public would benefit from additional education on what can be recycled, concludes the National Waste & Recycling Association.

On questioning more than 2000 adults, it found that two-thirds were clear on what belongs in recycling bins, ‘indicating an opportunity to expand the other third’s knowledge of what can be recycled’.

Furthermore, more than half confirmed that their town or city offers kerbside collection of recyclables which they should place in a bin or cart separate from their household refuse bin. Additionally, 67% of respondents were clear on what materials should go in recycling bins and 64% knew it was necessary to rinse used food containers before placing them into recycling receptacles.

However, there is some room for improvement. For example, 39% of those surveyed incorrectly believe it is acceptable to recycle plastic bags by putting them in household bins.

Furthermore, one in every 10 admitted to having put their rubbish into recycling bins or carts when their own refuse container was full, while one in five said they would place an item into a recycling container even if they were not completely sure that it was recyclable.

Source: PRNewswire/USNewswire

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