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California sees decline in bottle and can recycling

United States – Known as the eco-friendly US state, California has seen a surprising reduction in beverage container recycling. The recycling rate for cans and bottles has slipped below 80% for the first time since 2008, according to CalRecycle, the organisation promoting recycling in California.

This decline is attributed to the closure of many local recycling centres, numbers of which have fallen by around 50% state-wide in recent years, according to a waste management programme manager from Sacramento.

‘Scrap value for plastics and aluminium cans and other types of material for beverage containers has gone down,’ ABC News has been told.

Another factor is that China, where much of the scrap goes, has started to clamp down on the types of material it will accept from other countries – a development which has impacted the price of materials in the USA, experts argue.

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