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Business boost for grab expert – even Down Under

Since deciding to expand globally, excavator grab manufacturer OPM has gone from strength to strength – despite the coronavirus pandemic.

Headquartered in Finland, OPM used lockdown to expand its international distribution network by appointing experienced distributors in France, Austria, Germany and as far afield as New Zealand and Australia. The company has even managed to design and add a new type grab model to the portfolio, the OPM engine puller extream. ‘We couldn’t travel or have face-to-face meetings so we used Zoom and Skype to conduct sales presentations and product knowledge sessions with our new distributors,’ says OPM’s director of sales Edgar Root.

‘Customers and distributors value the fact that our grabs are as strong and as reliable as the best on the market while still managing to be comparatively light with excellent handling characteristics.’

Russian roots

According to Root, there is a lot of choice for consumers when it comes to selecting a grab but ‘only a small fraction of the grabs out there are specifically built for scrap metal recyclers and even fewer are tough enough to withstand the continuous force these grabs receive day in and day out.’

OPM has kept costs low at its production facility by utilising best practice manufacturing techniques. ‘We don’t pocket the savings; we pass them on directly to the customer,’ says Igor Kuznetsov, owner of the Russia-based Oris Prom recycling firm, OPM’s parent company.

Bigger picture

The company insists that when buying an excavator grab, it is important to focus not just on the initial purchase price but also the cost of spare parts over its entire working life.

OPM is keen to expand its global dealer network and would-be distributors, or those with sales enquiries should contact Root on: [email protected]

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