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Brexit to lead to ‘choppier waters’, says UK recycler

United Kingdom – Innovation and ensuring compliance with growing industry regulation will be vital for the future success of the scrap metal recycling sector, claims UK prominent metals recycler S Norton & Co. ‘Organisations that fail to maintain high standards and invest adequately in their businesses to ensure compliance could be at risk’, stresses the company’€™s managing director Roger Morton.

‘Regulation is increasing rapidly and these pressures come from all directions to do the job properly’, says Morton. ‘Our industry is facing more challenging trading conditions and the surviving companies will be those that continue to comply with legislation, innovate and invest in their operations.’

Consistent investment by S Norton & Co, a family-owned business, has enabled it to stay at the forefront of metal processing throughout the UK. Recent investment includes enhanced handling equipment at both its Liverpool and Southampton sites, while continuous processing improvements are maintaining ‘the high quality’ of finished metallic and non-metallic products for both domestic and overseas customers.

The company has been challenged by the increasing non-metallic content and variability of their feed materials being ‘a long-term trend in the industry’, according to Morton. ‘There is a growing need for an innovative approach to tackle these on-going challenges and to deliver quality products’, he believes.

S Norton & Co has a partnership with Axion Polymers to improve the recovery of plastics and other non-metallic fractions from end-of-life vehicles. The jointly-operated Trafford Park shredder waste advanced processing plant (SWAPP) delivers the 2015 EU ELV 95% recycling and recovery target.

Looking at the future, Morton expects the triggering of Brexit is likely to lead to ‘choppier waters’. ‘As a family business that treats its loyal customers with respect and thinks long-term, we have been and are continuing to invest for the future. While the better businesses will weather the storms, those that innovate will thrive.’

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