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Boost for windshield laminate recycling

Germany – Recycling technology specialist Saperatec of Germany and Czech machinery manufacturer Sklopan Liberec have together developed a new method to retrieve PVB (polyvinylbuteral) polymer from shredded windshield glass for reuse in new front shields or other laminated safety glass.

The new technology, unveiled at the Glasstec trade show in Düsseldorf, is claimed to be revolutionary. According to the companies behind it, it has not been possible before now to separate PVB from used windshields and reuse it as secondary raw material for the same application owing to ‘remaining contaminants’.

A high-value material found in laminated safety glass, PVB is used in most passenger cars, trucks and buses and therefore commands a large market in volume terms. The safety foil is also used increasingly in construction.

Saperatec specialises in developing innovative recycling technologies based on the use of micro-emulsions. Sklopan Liberec, meanwhile, develops and manufactures plant and machinery for the glass sector, especially for flat glass processing.

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