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Baxi in London: we are a step closer to global recycling success

Based on the success of this year’s inaugural Global Recycling Day, the holiday will be expanded into a full-fledged endeavour; the Global Recycling Foundation. This unique trade body will promote the best practices of the international recycling community while boosting social engagement and encouraging businesses to make their own recycling pledge.

Global Recycling Day had the support of ten world leaders this year, as well as 10.5 million social media impressions. ‘We have truly sparked a movement,’ says an enthusiastic Ranjit Baxi, creator of the initiative and president of the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR). But he feels sure more can be done, and year-round, to ensure recycling is prioritised in the minds of both consumers and legislators.

Setting up an official foundation dedicated to the Global Recycling Day almost seems inevitable. Baxi told delegates of the BIR gathering in London this weekend that he has secured up a meeting with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in November. Ultimately, Baxi hopes Global Recycling Day will be greenlighted as an official holiday around the world. 

The nine key objectives of the Global Recycling Foundation are:

  • Continue to support and celebrate Global Recycling Day on 18 March each year.
  • Promote the prioritization of the Seventh Resource.
  • Foster the promotion of recycling across the world, and support and share best practices and innovation.
  • Protect biodiversity.
  • Commit to, and promote, eco-responsibility and the circular economy.
  • Encourage responsible, sustainable and inclusive environmental actions to the benefit of ecological developments.
  • Support statistical, economic and social studies in the field of recycling.
  • Support research and innovation in the field of recycling.
  • Support educational programmes, university and scientific research in the field of recycling.

Furthermore, Baxi announced that Global Recycling Day 2019 will focus on ‘the power of youth, education and innovation’. He described the theme for the internationally celebrated holiday (18 March) as “Recycling into the future”.

‘To truly harness the power of recycling we must come together to find the most innovative solutions and ensure we use these to engage young people across the globe,’ Baxi said at the London gathering. ‘The youth of today are our future, and we must ensure they develop a ‘resource, not waste’ mindset in to order to look forward to a sustainable future,’ he urged.

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