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Balcan receives Latin American boost

United Kingdom – UK-based lamp recycling technology provider Balcan Engineering has seen an upturn in orders from customers in South America. ‘We are currently working with the Venezuelan, Mexican and Nicaraguan governments to develop facilities for the handling of all types of lamps,’ confirms the company’s Latin American recycling expert Wolfgang Essig.

With e-scrap and disposal regulations making their way around the world, demand for effective recycling solutions is on the increase, according to Essig.

′Corporate responsibility for e-scrap is now gradually reaching further across the globe, with the WEEE directive and EPR (extended producer responsibility) now obligatory in five Latin American countries – Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, Brazil and Mexico – and in the near future, Venezuela,′ he says. ′This has resulted in an uplift in our export of equipment and machinery to this part of the world.′

Balcan expects this trend ′to continue next year and beyond′. Balcan offers a range of options that recycle most types of waste mercury-bearing lamps and safely process all component parts. The machines can accept crushed and whole lamps and fluorescent tubes with single- or dual-feed systems.

The systems can also recycle most types of the energy-saving bulbs which are becoming ever more commonly used. With lamps, the metal end caps and glass are separated and cleaned while a dust filter collects phosphor powder and fine glass particles. Toxic mercury vapour is drawn through an active carbon filter.


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