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Meet Aia: the new ‘smart’ assistant

Irish tech company WISWM has developed an artificial intelligence assistant named Aia. The smart assistant is especially programmed to fulfill the roles of the routing and collections manager at waste management companies.

‘Aia can understand where vehicles are, what collections are done, can access customer accounts details and more in real time – much faster and at a fraction of the cost of a human,’ comments company ceo Paul Kinsella. Besides completing repetitive tasks, Aia’s core process is structured in such a way that it can learn new tasks.

The assistent can also learn more complex tasks and perform them at ‘consistently at the same high quality 24/7’. Therefore, Kinsella envisions that Aia will become the ‘central intelligence’ of the waste management business, handling all tasks and resources independently.

With Aia, the following ‘seamless’ actions are possible:

  • Contacting drivers the night before to advise them what truck they are due to drive tomorrow’s route in, especially vital if their normal truck is in for service or repairs.
  • Contacting drivers if they have not started their route and completed their vehicle check reports within a set time frame e.g. 6.05am. Aia will call the driver to ask if there are any issues and if there are then Aia will take action on these and get them solved.
  • Monitoring drivers route performance in real time. If Aia thinks that the route will not be completed or completed on time, it can call the driver and see if everything is ok. If for example the truck is broken down it will review other trucks ahead of schedule and reassigns them to help that route
  • Providing real time data to call centre agents on where the truck is in relation to that bin, for example: the truck has passed customers location at 13.04 pm or the truck is expected at customers location between 11 in the morning and 12 in the afternoon.

‘Aia will change the way waste management businesses operate as more can be achieved with less,’ Kinsella says. ‘In a nutshell; AI is going to revolutionise the waste collection industry. Whether we like it or not, robotics and artificial intelligence are going to be widespread within all utility businesses shortly,’ the ceo adds.

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