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Alpla acquires two PET businesses in Germany

The Alpla Group has become one of the largest PET recycling companies in Germany after completing the acquisition of two separate outfits in the country, increasing its annual processing capacity to 75 000 tonnes.

It has bought Texplast from the Fromm Group as well as all of its shares in the joint venture PET Recycling Team Wolfen to enhance its offering in the quality and availability of PET recyclate for the German ‘bottle-to-bottle’ cycle.

‘We are stepping up our activities worldwide to meet growing demand for post-consumer recyclates,’ ceo Philipp Lehner explains. ‘This investment will strengthen our position in the German market and guarantee high quality and availability of the material for our customers.’

Texplast, founded in 1992 and based in Bitterfeld-Wolfen, produces pellets and flakes from used PET bottles, primarily for conversion into preforms for new bottles. The flakes produced during the process are used by the packaging manufacturer Fromm to produce packing strap, although its focus has increasingly shifted towards bottles in recent years.

Georg Lässer, head of recycling at Alpla, sees the long-term and successful collaboration with Fromm as ‘the perfect basis’ for this development. ‘The acquisition enabled us to increase our capacity quickly and efficiently and this will also help us to secure production for both sides in the future,’ he says. ‘We have a highly motivated, fully functional team and we are proud to welcome all 125 Texplast employees into the Alpla family.’

Rico Seiler, md of Texplast, says the change in ownership underlines a transformation of the company from a material supplier for plastic strapping into a key player in the bottle cycle.

PET Recycling Team Wolfen specialises in the recycling of PET bottles collected from households. The sorting and processing systems at Texplast’s site in Wolfen were set up in 2019.

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