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Aircraft fibres in soccer boots of the future?

Global – Sport Infinity is the name of a new generation of sporting products to be launched by Adidas which can be recycled ‘€˜endlessly’€™ to help create new products.

Funded by the European Commission and led by Adidas and a group of experts from various sectors, the Sport Infinity project aims to use discarded sports products combined with excess material from other industries. ‘Soccer shoes could in future contain materials of any kind – from carbon fibres that are used in aircraft construction to the fibres of the football boots used for scoring during the last World Cup,’ confirms the company.

According to Gerd Manz, vice president of technology innovation at Adidas, this is a ‘ground-breaking’ development for all football fans. ‘The time that we have thrown away football boots is over. Instead, each pair of soccer shoes is not just recycled but, according to individual requirements of the consumer, recycled for completely new purposes.’

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