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A new chapter for China’s construction waste?

China – The Climate Group has teamed up with China’s leading concrete manufacturer, the China Advanced Construction Materials Group (China ACM), in a bid to ‘tackle one of the biggest side-effects of China’€™s rapid growth and urbanisation’, namely urban construction waste.

China is currently producing some 300 million tons of construction waste per year, of which less than 5% is recycled, asserts the Climate Group. The root of the problem, states the international non-profit organisation, is the lack of a systematic nationwide effort and so it has engaged China ACM in a year-long project to ‘bolster recycling of urban construction resources’.

Under the joint recycling project, an expert committee of government and business leaders, academics and representatives from international organisations will be formed, says the Climate Group. This will conduct tours of cities across China, holding panel discussions and exploring topics such as required policy mechanisms, the potential for government support and worldwide best practice.

According to China ACM’s Chairman Han Xianfu, the initiative will ‘make construction waste resources directly into quality concrete for market use, rather than into simple recycled brick to solve construction wastes’. Due to better market utilisation, the commodity value will witness a new high, as the entire system can be operated in a ‘fully market-oriented way’.

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