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A first for Bollegraaf at Canada Fibers facility

Canada – Together with its dealer organisation in the USA and Canada (VanDyk Recycling), Netherlands-based Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions is building a 50-tonnes-per-hour recovery facility for Canada Fibers in Toronto.

Covering a relatively small area of only 4800 m2 and focusing on high levels of separation and output purity, the single-stream facility is ‘an important part of Canada Fibers’ commitment to reduce waste’, the company states. The new plant is equipped with StarScreen technology for the first two stages of the sorting process. According to Bollegraaf, this provides ‘the best results when it comes to separation quality in combination with a high volume.

For the first time, Bollegraaf is combining the following sorting equipment in a single facility: optical sorting units for all kinds of different waste streams; a paper magnet; various metal separators; and a glass breaker. Recirculation loops keep feeding residues back into the system, including the waste at the very end.

Canada Fibers is a global recycling player with its operations including the recovery and supply of paper, cardboard, plastics and metals. In addition, the company has the capability to process dry mixed recyclables.

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