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95% ELV recycling target ‘within reach’ for Belgium

Belgium – Some 94% of end-of-life vehicles (ELVs) were recycled in Belgium last year – hailed by national association Febelauto as ‘€˜a great leap forward’€™. Citing an increase of one percentage point when compared to 2012, the organisation notes in its annual report that 53 of Belgium’€™s accredited car recyclers have already reached or exceeded the EU’€™s recycling target of 95% for next year.

For many years, Belgium has been one of the recycling leaders of Europe, Febelauto says. ′This impressive figure has been achieved thanks to the continuous innovation of our recycling industry,′ states Febelauto director Catherine Lenaerts. ′Owing to their tour de force, the 2015 car recycling target is well within reach.′

Innovative recycling projects have ensured that Belgium has maintained a pioneering role in the field of sustainability, and notably post-shredder technology, according to Lenaerts. ′A good example is the Phoenix project, in which the organic fraction of shredded ELVs is used as fuel for co-generation,′ she explains. To make the ′decisive leap′ towards next year′s target, technological research must be further encouraged and supported.

And yet ELV collection rates have shown a significant decrease: in 2013, Febelauto registered some 134 506 discarded vehicles for a year-on-year drop of 16% thanks, it is said, to lower car sales and exports of wrecks.

′Even today, many vehicles do not end up at our accredited recycling sites,′ Lenaerts says. ′In order to change this, we have to keep up the fight against unfair competition from illegal recyclers.′ Thorough control and close collaboration with industry partners and government are ′essential′ in this regard.

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