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Where will battery recycling go from here?

Portugal – Around 30% of batteries are recycled in Portugal, while Belgium, Denmark and Sweden have already surpassed the mandatory EU target of 45%. But there is a story behind the figures ‘€“ and this one will be told at the 22nd International Congress for Battery Recycling, held on September 20-22 in Portugal’s sunny capital Lisbon.

Over 200 international experts from industry, authorities and academia will discuss, among other topics: global safety issues relating to lithium primary and lithium rechargeable batteries; energy storage and e-mobility; the economic aspects of collection or take-back schemes; and new trends in battery recycling technologies.

This highly regarded platform for discussion of latest developments and challenges will bring together decision-makers from along the battery recycling chain, including producers, recyclers, collection schemes, policy-makers and transport companies.

The programme includes a plant tour of the recycling company Ambigroup Reciclagem SA.

An exhibition area will be integrated into the congress facility. Furthermore, a cocktail reception and networking dinner will boost interaction with new business contacts.

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