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Vehicle batteries could help store renewable energy

Canada – A stationary battery installation in Canada could reuse end-of-life battery packs from electric vehicles to store electricity from renewable systems such as wind and solar power.

Lithium-ion battery manufacturer Electrovaya has signed a contract to develop and build a utility-sized stationary battery system at the Manitoba HVDC Research Centre facility, a subsidiary of Manitoba Hydro.

The project, which will also involve the University of Manitoba, is part of a Ca$ 7.6 million project supported by Manitoba Hydro and the federal government’s Clean Energy Fund.

‘This project will give us insight into the complete reuse of lithium-ion batteries,’ said Electrovaya CEO Dr Sankar Das Gupta. ‘Our hope is that utilities will be able to take advantage of the significant number of used batteries that will come into the market after the large-scale introduction of plug-in electric vehicles.

‘By making the end product reusable by utility companies, we address two problems. First, lithium-ion batteries become an even more environmentally sustainable product. Second, we help utility companies make wind and solar energy generation as reliable as hydro, nuclear and coal.’

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