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USA keeps battery recycling at home

United States – A ‘growing problem’ in the battery recycling industry is the outsourcing of recycling to foreign countries, according to US group Energy Products. Together with its affiliate, Battery Giant, the group has created the service, with the aim of making ‘proper battery recycling easier for everyone in the USA’.

The average US household has over 20 battery-operated devices in use, and that number continues to grow, Energy Products says. It warns that in some cases, unsuspecting consumers may send their batteries for recycling to ‘poorly or unregulated facilities’ whose main goal is to extract value from used batteries rather than to protect the environment.

The new website hopes to change this by allowing users to request quotes for bulk recycling. Depending on the types of batteries involved, Energy Products will pay to collect them, and emphasises that they will all be recycled within the USA. ‘Nearly 100% of used lead acid batteries are recycled for use in the production of new batteries,’ the company has added.

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