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Take-back pressure on battery giant Rayovac

United States – Environmental groups have joined forces in a publicity power-play aimed at forcing manufacturer Rayovac to take back its batteries for recycling in the USA, just as it does in Europe.

To date, the Wisconsin-based battery producer has refused to start up a take-back programme, according to Texas Campaign for the Environmental (TCE). This non-profit organisation is leading the push for Rayovac to adopt an extended producer responsibility (EPR) policy, and 26 other recycling and zero-waste advocacy groups across the country have joined the call for action.

‘Rayovac is falling behind their competitors when it comes to battery recycling, and it’s past time for them to join these efforts toward sustainability,’ states TCE’s executive director Robin Schneider. ‘We want them to take back their batteries for recycling, to set meaningful goals for these collections and to support legislation which would create a level playing field for battery recycling.’

Rayovac is a major single-use battery manufacturer. Its competitors – Duracell, Energizer and Panasonic – have all taken steps towards establishing battery take-back programmes for consumers; all three companies are part of the Corporation for Battery Recycling. According to TCE, Rayovac once belonged to this grouping but subsequently withdrew.

Source: Waste & Recycling News

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