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Recycled battery boost for Toyota

Global – In a bid to achieve more effective use of resources in batteries, Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) has revealed plans to sell an electricity management system that uses recycled nickel-metal hydride batteries from hybrid vehicles.

The system, which is expected to hit the market in April, will make it possible to comprehensively control the consumption, storage and discharge of electricity as well as to increase usage efficiency, according to TMC. It will be sold in combination with Building Energy Management Systems, solar car ports, solar power generation, LED lighting, energy-conserving air-conditioning and other such items via TMC’s energy business company Toyota Turbine and Systems Inc.

The fixed electricity storage system has been undergoing verification tests at the Nagoya Toyopet Otagawa dealership and other locations. ‘By improving the usage efficiency of electricity – for example, by cutting the amount of electricity used during peak usage times – it was confirmed that the amount and cost of electricity and gas used for a single dealership can be decreased by half compared to dealerships without the system,’ notes TMC. 

Overall electricity storage capacity is said to average 10 kWh. Given that back-up electricity can be stored and used during power outages, the new system can be used by emergency response centres to power equipment necessary for gathering critical emergency information and to power evacuation shelters.

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